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Honeywell Home Valencia V120-15A Manual Radiator Valve (15mm Angled) View larger

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Honeywell Home Valencia V120-15A Manual Radiator Valve (15mm Angled)


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Honeywell Home V120-15A Manual Radiator Valve - The V120-15A is a high quality 15mm angled manual radiator valve uniquely designed to be 100% compatible with Honeywell Home TRV's and the evohome HR92 or HR91 Radiator Controllers. 


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Honeywell Home Valencia V120-15A Manual Radiator Valve

Honeywell Home Valencia V120-15A Manual Radiator Valve box contains:

  • 1x V120-15A Manual Radiator Valve (Chrome 15mm)

The Valencia series of Honeywell Home Radiator Valves are very high quality chrome plated radiator valves with integral balancing inserts. The Valencia Valve bodies are fully compatible with a wide range of other Honeywell TRV heads offering alternative finishes, remote sensor and Vandal resistant versions as well as the Evohome electronic TRV head.

All Valencia valve bodies allow bi-directional water flow which means that valves can be installed without the need to adjust the insert flow direction after installation . Each Body includes the Honeywell integrated balancing insert, allowing each radiator to be balanced at the TRV body making future re-balancing after radiator removal and refitting easy.

The V120-15A can be easily upgraded to radiator thermostats simply by changing the wheel head to a Honeywell Home Thermostatic Radiator Valve or evohome HR92/HR91Radiator Controller.


  • „„Dual function wheelhead and lockshield in one body
  • High quality stem valve body ensures seize and leak free operation
  • Simple upgrade to thermostatic valve without draining the heating system
  • „„Ideal complement to Honeywell Home VT200 TRV's or evohome HR92 Radiator Controllers

If you have any questions about the Honeywell Home Valencia V120-15A Manual Radiator Valve, you can Contact Us.

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