Honeywell Home HCC80R Underfloor Heating Controller

Honeywell Home HCC80R Underfloor Heating Controller box contains:

  • 1x Honeywell Home HCE80 Underfloor Heating Controller
  • 1x Honeywell Home HRA80 External Aerial
  • 1x HCC80R Installation Guide
  • 1x Accessory & Terminal Bag

The Honeywell Home HCC80R Underfloor Heating Controller is capable of controlling any fixed blending valve hydronic (wet) underfloor heating system via the Honeywell evohome Controller.

In standard form, the Honeywell Home HCC80R Underfloor Heating Controller provides up to 5 underfloor heating zones (maximum of three 230v thermal actuators per zone), however with the optional HCS80 extension module the HCC80R is able to control a maximum of 8 UFH zones. The HCC80R operates on the same 868 MHz frequency as the other evohome components and has an internal antenna for complete wireless intergration with evohome installations.

The controller is designed with an intelligent control algorithm (fuzzy logic control) to keep the room set point temperature constant.


  • Easy and fast installation thanks to wireless connectivity
  • Pluggable terminals and fast wiring connection thanks to clamp contacts
  • External HRA80 antenna (included in box)
  • Controls 5 zones
  • Easy extendable with HCS80 for up to 8 zones
  • Central operating via the touch screen evohome controller
  • Central operating via the smartphone, tablet and smartwatch app
  • LED indication for voltage, operation mode, status and errors, RF check
  • Outputs for a maximum of 24 thermal actuators (with HCS80 fitted)
  • Boiler control with integrated boiler relay potential free contact 42V
  • Switchable between normally closed/open thermal actuators

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How many Zones can this control?

The HCC80R Underfloor Heating Controller can do 5x UFH zones in standard form and a maximum of 8x UFH zones by adding a Honeywell Home Extension Module (HSC80).

How many actuators can be used per zone?

The HCC80R can power a maximum of 3x 230v thermal actuators for each UFH zone on the HCC80R and you can use multiple HCC80R zones grouped together for larger UFH areas.

Do I need to purchase a Thermostat with this?

Yes, each UFH zone also requires a wireless zone thermostat.

What is a thermal actuator?

A UFH manifold has ‘thermal actuators’ fitted to control the flow of water to the relevant heating zones and multiple thermal actuators can serve one zone.

Can this do electric underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating is not compatible.

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