Honeywell Home HCF82 Wireless Room Sensor

ÿThe Honeywell Home HCF82 Wireless Room Sensor box contains:

  • 1x HCF82 Wireless Room Sensor
  • 2x AA Alkaline Batteries

The HCF82 is a wireless room sensor ideal for use where temperature control of anÿevohomeÿcontrolled HCC80R underfloor heating zone is required or where anÿevohomeÿHR92/HR91 Radiator Controller is not ideally located (under a curtain or behind a radiator cover) and a better temperature sensing location is required.

The HCF82 simply measures the room temperature and sends the information to theÿevohomeÿcontrollerÿin order to keep the roomÿtemperature constant. ÿThis is ideal for areas where you want very accurate temperature control but do not want the temperature to be adjusted locally, such as children?s rooms or public places (nursing homes, bars, restaurants, schools, etc).


  • Individual room temperature control. The HCF82 communicates with theÿevohomeÿcontroller to keep the room temperature constant
  • Simple binding operation to reduce installation time
  • Battery powered or external power supply possible
  • Remote temperature sensing for HCC80R Underfloor Heating Controller and HR92 Radiator Controllers.

If you have any questions about the Honeywell Home HCF82 Wireless Room Sensor, you canÿContact Us.


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