ADEY MC3 Central Heating System CLEANER

The ADEY MC3 Central Heating System CLEANER is used to remove both limescale deposition and system corrosion. The MC3 system cleaner is a rapid new product that is powerful and perform to an incredibly high standard to remove debris and sludge from your system. Adey have formulated this product to provide a high standard of sludge removal for average sized systems and can clean systems with up to 15 radiators.

The MC3 Cleaner can be used on both sealed and open vented central heating and it is recommended that one bottle per 100 litre system or up to 15 radioators is used.

ADEY MC3 Central Heating System CLEANER Features:

  • High concentrated formula
  • Treats 100 litres
  • Removes sludge, scale and debris
  • High performing chemical cleaner
  • Restore heating efficiency
  • Helps to reduce your heating & maintenance bils
  • Suitable for all heating systems


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