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Honeywell Wireless OpenTherm Bridge R8810A1018 View larger

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Honeywell R8810A1018 Wireless OpenTherm Bridge (R8810)


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Honeywell R8810A1018 Wireless OpenTherm Bridge - Honeywell R8810A1018 Wireless OpenTherm Bridge (R8810) allows compatible Honeywell thermostats and controllers to wirelessly communicate with OpenTherm enabled boilers. The R8810A1018 is compatible with evohome (all versions), CMS927, DTS92E, T87RF and RF2 Pack 3 and replaces the BDR91 Wireless Relay Box.



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Honeywell R8810A1018 Wireless OpenTherm Bridge (R8810)

The Honeywell R8810A1018 Wireless OpenTherm Bridge box contains:

1x Honeywell R8810A1018 Wireless OpenTherm Bridge

The Honeywell R8810A1018 Wireless OpenTherm Bridge (R8810) is a replacement of the BDR91 Wireless Relay Box when using a Honeywell wireless thermostat or Honeywell controller (evohome or RF2 Pack 3) with a OpenTherm enabled boiler.  The Honeywell Wireless OpenTherm Bridge wires directly to the OpenTherm connection on your OpenTherm compatible boiler.

The Honeywell OpenTherm Bridge provides more precise control on the boiler through the control of control setpoint (temperature of the water as it leaves the boiler). It allows the amount of heat provided by the boiler to be controlled to match the varying demand signal from the room sensor(s). By reducing the flow temperature to a minimum as it leaves the boiler, the return temperature is kept below the dew point (55oC) whenever possible, this allows the boiler to operate in condensing mode more often.

OpenTherm has many advantages over ON/OFF & TPI controlled thermostats and the advanced communication with an OpenTherm enabled modulating gas boiler means greater energy savings and comfort.

The Honeywell R8810A1018 Wireless OpenTherm Bridge (R8810) is comaptible with the following Honeywell products:

Honeywell evohome Controller (model number is found under fascia) ATP928G1000, ATP928G2000 & ATP928G3000

Honeywell T87RF2033 Single Zone Thermostat

Honeywell CMS927B1049 7 Day Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat

Honeywell CMS921B1042 1 Day Wireless Prgrammable Room Thermostat

Honeywell DTS92E Wireless Room Thermostat

Honeywell Y9420S2005 Sundial RF2 Pack 3


  • Easy to wire
  • Simple Binding to the appropriate control
  • Can be used to switch OpenTherm compatible domestic boilers
  • Will not communicate with other RF products that use different frequencies or communication protocols

If you need any advice about OpenTherm and Honeywell, please Contact Us.

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