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Honeywell Home Single Zone Connected Thermostat Pack Y87RF2024/RFG100


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The Honeywell Home Single Zone Connected Thermostat Pack (Y87RF2024/RFG100) - The Honeywell Home Single Zone Connected Thermostat Pack consists of a T87RF Single Zone Wireless Thermostat, BDR91 Wireless Relay Box & RFG100 Mobile Access Kit. This allows you to control a single heating zone via a smartphone or tablet using Honeywell Home's Total Connect Comfort App.



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Height 10cm
Width 6cm
Depth 4cm

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Honeywell Home Single Zone Connected Thermostat Pack (Y87RF2024/RFG100)

The Honeywell Home Single Zone Connected Thermostat Pack (Y87RF2024/RFG100) box contains:

  • 1x Honeywell Home T87RF Single Zone Wireless Thermostat
  • 1x BDR91 Wireless Relay Box
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • 1x Honeywell Home RFG100 Mobile Access Kit

This offering of the Honeywell Home Single Zone Thermostat is our very ownSingle Zone Connected Thermostat Packwhich means it comes complete with an RFG100 Mobile Access Kit. This is the best use of the Single Zone Thermostat and when bound to the Mobile Access Kit (RFG100) this simple wireless thermostat to become a wireless ‘Connected Programmable Thermostat‘.  This enables the user to time and temperature control their heating up to 6 times per day, 7 days a week via a smartphone or tablet using Honeywell Homes Total Connect Comfort App.

The Honeywell Home Single Zone Thermostat is simple, affordable and everything you need to upgrade your existing room thermostat to a fully internet ‘connected’ and controlled programmable thermostat. This will ensure very accurate control of your heating system from anywhere.

The Single Zone Thermostat is also available to buy on our website as a stand alone wireless single zone room thermostat that can be used with your existing heating programmer/controller and located in any part of your home without being ‘connected’.

Should you choose to upgrade to the Honeywell evohome system in the future, the Honeywell Home Single Zone Thermostat can also be bound directly to the evohome Controller to allow Zone Temperature Sensing, Sensor Control for HR92 Radiator Controllers, Control of Single Zone Valve Operated Zones, Kickspace Heater Control, Single Zone Underfloor Heating Control and much more!


  • Wireless operation: Wireless digital room thermostat that provides a simple to use interface. It is battery powered with low battery indicator and pre-bound to the wireless relay box
  • Use as part of an S or Y plan system.
  • Use with a combi boiler: Use this for room temperature control with a combi boiler or connect to the unit to the internet (using a Connected Pack) and provide full time and temperature scheduling via the app
  • Installation is easy: Just wire the wireless relay box into the system and it will communicate with the single zone room thermostat straight away. The wireless relay box can be wired directly to motorised zone valves or actuators.
  • Simple to use: Outer ring is the control dial—a simple twist of the dial will adjust the temperature set point up or down. No programming required. On screen battery status and RF signal check
  • Remote Access: Mobile compatibility via
  • A smart phone app- Controls your heating anywhere – Adds scheduling functionality
  • Use as a Programmable Thermostat: Once connected, you can also use the Total Connect Comfort App to provide a combined time and temperature profile of 6 time periods a day variable by day for each of 7 days
  • Perfect for UK homes: The set point range is 5– 35 degrees C in .5 degree increments
  • Energy saving TPI control
  • Security features: programmed range stop function so that the room will not go above or below set point

If you have any questions about the Honeywell Home Single Zone Connected Thermostat Pack (Y87RF2024/RFG100) please Contact Us.

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