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Honeywell evohome Radiator Controller Compatibility

The Honeywell evohome HR91 & HR92 Radiator Controllers are compatible with most manufacturers of Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) with M30 x 1.5mm threaded thermostatic heads.

However, the Honeywell evohome Radiator Controllers are not always compatible with all current and existing TRV’s due to cheap imports and different manufacturing standards.  We also recommend that consideration be made to replacing TRV's over 15 years old, as they may not function properly due to age which would prevent the evohome system from controlling the heating system correctly.

For a TRV to be compatible, the TRV should look something like Honeywell's V120-15A here -

The dimension across the diameter of the thread should measure 30mm and the 'thread pitch' should measure 1.5mm (thread pitch is the measurement of one thread to the next).  The pin height when measured from the top of the valve thread should measure approximately 14mm and the radiator valve must fully close when the pin is pressed no more than 4mm (most thermostatic radiator valves will close with only 2mm of pin movement).

A short video below demonstrates what you should look for when deciding if your radiator valve is compatible with Honeywell evohome Radiator Controllers.

We have compiled a table below listing some of the current and existing TRV’s that are compatible with the HR91 & HR92 Radiator Controllers (we appreciate they are not all listed here).  We have some Honeywell TRV adapters available to purchase in our shop ( that will allow certain non-compatible TRV’s to accept the evohome HR92 Radiator Controller.

If you are still unsure about the compatibility of your TRV, please contact Honeywell Home on 0300 130 1299 and they may be able to identify what TRV(s) you have got.


ManufacturerBrandAdaptor Required?
Pegler Yorkshire Terrier No
Pegler Yorkshire Mistral No
Pegler Yorkshire Belmont 4 No
Pegler Yorkshire & Wolseley Bulldog No
Altecnic Ecocal No
B&Q Regis No
Caleffi ECOCAL No
Caleffi 200, 201 & 203 No
Comap Westherm 4  Yes - ACH28
Comap Westherm 5 Yes – ACH28
Comap Westherm 6  No
Comap Senso TRV Yes – ACH28
Comap S2 TRV Yes – ACH28
Danfoss RAS C & C2 Yes – Supplied
Danfoss RAS D & D2 Yes – Supplied
Danfoss RAV & RAVL Yes - EVA1
Drayton RT212 No
Drayton RT414 No
Drayton TRV4 No
Drayton TRV3 Not Compatible
Drayton TRV2 Not Compatible
Grahams Altech No
Grasslin Tower TRV REV No
Honeywell Rad plan No
Honeywell VT117E No
Honeywell VT200E No
Honeywell VT15 No
MYSON TRV 2WAY (Old) Yes – ACH28
MYSON Petite No
Orkli Not Compatible
PTS Boss Supreme Not Compatible
PTS  Boss Supreme Plus No
PTS Tradesave No
Screwfix Unbranded TRV No
Siemens TRV MTN51GB TRV No
Siemens TRADE Not Compatible
Trago Mills Unbranded TRV No
Travis Perkins IFLO No
Travis Perkins IFLO Contract No