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What is evohome Security?

Honeywell evohome Security is a smart wireless security system that connects you to your home, where ever you are! Keep yourself safe and secure with a range of products that you can monitor from your smart phone through the Total Connect Comfort app, making things simpler for you. The entire system is easy to install, right down to the option of screw-free fixing. Every accessory is battery powered - making it easy to find the perfect location. And the trusted 868MHz wireless technology is designed to eliminate interference, dropped connections and false alarms. It's also very simple to add additional products to your system at any time!

Below is a video we've made to give you an overview of the Honeywell evohome Security System.

Why buy evohome Security?

Honeywell's evohome Security has been designed specifically with your safety in mind, offering a wide range of products to keep your home secure in the simplest way possible. Arm and disarm your system at the touch of a button. Snap pictures of possible intruders without lifting a finger. Deter intruders with an unmissable wireless external alarm. React quickly to break-ins even when you're not at home with the Total Connect Comfort app. The list of possibilities with evohome Security go on and on. Whether you live alone or with a large family, there is a set-up to suit everyone.

What products are available with evohome Security?

Honeywell evohome Security has a wide array of products to improve your safety. They include:

  • External Battery Operated Siren (SEF8MS)
  • Internal Battery Operated Siren (SI800MS)
  • Glass Break Sensor (FG8MS)
  • Contactless Tag Reader (SPR-S8EZS)
  • Panic Button (TCPA1BS)
  • evohome Hub (HS9HUBGPRS)
  • Contactless Tags (TAG4S)
  • Remote Control (TCC800MS)
  • Snap Shot Camera IR (CAMIR-8EZS)
  • Door and Window Sensor (DO8EZS)
  • PIR Motion Sensor (IRPI8EZS)

We also offer a range of kits to help you on your way to getting set up. These include:

  • Honeywell evohome Security Kit 1 (HS911S)
  • Honeywell evohome Security Kit 2 (HS912S)
  • Honeywell evohome Security Kit 3 (HS922GPRS)

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All evohome security products are compatible with the Total Connect Comfort app! Every accessory is wireless, and connects automatically to the hub using the trusted 868MHz wireless range. 

What are the benefits of evohome Security?

Honeywell evohome Security systems come with a whole host of advantages and innovative ways to keep you and your home safe and secure with a focus on reducing false alarms and retaining evidence of a break in. The PIR motion sensor is designed specifically to be 'pet proof' meaning that no longer will you have to put up with false alarms day-in, day-out. Honeywell's snapshot camera takes pictures continuously when it detects movement, saving any evidence of a possible intruder's appearance. The external siren does not only act as a visual deterrent but in the event of a break in, the bright flashing light allows the police to help identify your house easily. All products in the evohome security range have been intelligently designed to give you maximum security.

Control evohome Security from your Smart Phone

One of the most innovative features of evohome Security is that you can get updates straight to your Smart Phone! Should the safety of your home be compromised at any time, Honeywell's Total Connect comfort app will alert you immediately which gives you the opportunity to act as fast as possible thus maximising the chances of the intruder being caught.

Sync your Security and Heating

As well as managing home security, you can take control of your home comforts too - from anywhere. If you have Honeywell evohome smart zoning or single zone heating, evohome security makes managing your home easy. Simply arm the system when you leave, and your heating turns off automatically, helping to save on energy bills. Yet another way that evohome makes your life more convenient!